Campus Visualization Partnership (CVP) Lecture Series - Lecture 9/9/15

Jean-Daniel Fekete is Senior Research Scientist (DR1) at INRIA, the French National Research Institute in Computer Science For years, visualization has focused on expert users with a job to do and limited time. With the advent of visualization on the web, the landscape has changed. Now, visualization is presented to people with no professional motivation, on their leisure time, and competing with various other activities. Still, visualization remains a powerful tool to make sense of complex data, in particular for citizens who want to make sense of the world they live in, with the help of the open data initiatives for examples, to understand new or pressing issues related to health, economics, business, and social relationships. But introducing visualization to the people triggers multiple problems related to visualization literacy and interaction literacy that need solutions. I will demonstrate solutions, with design guidelines that could lead to a faster adoption of visualization by the people.